"Dr. Marlene Siegel blew my mind with the miracles that she is achieving with animals.
She is such an angel on earth!"

Dr. Jessica Peatross, MD

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My Story:

Hearing the words “there is nothing more that can be done” was the inspiration and source of commitment driving Dr. Siegel’s passion to “always have something to offer”.
In an effort to help her horse, Lilly, who was in immense pain, Dr. Siegel became certified in animal chiropractic. This healing modality along with laser therapy and herbal remedies began her life long quest to become the worlds most advanced “biohacker” for animals.
Within 5-6 months, Lilly and Dr. Siegel’s youngest daughter went on to win the United States Reserve Youth National Championship, one of the most prestigious horse shows in the US for young riders. 
Dr. Siegel passionately believes “never let somebody else tell you what is or isn’t possible”  
After all, a miracle is simply an outcome you didn’t imagine and you can’t explain.”

My Solutions

Integrative Veterinary Course

Traditional training focuses on naming and blaming, then providing a pharmaceutical or surgery to treat the symptom. Integrative medicine focuses on treating the root cause of the dis-ease. This training will expand your knowledge to discover real solutions.
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EMPOWERED Pet Parent Course

Finally, uncover the truth about healthcare. Your fur baby deserves the longest and healthiest life. In-depth coverage of detoxification for all 6 organs of elimination AND tools and treatments that pet owners can utilize at home!
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Nutritional products & therapeutic equipment

EvoLove Raw is the first raw pet food that offers a complete and balanced raw diet in a form that assures each pet is getting its nutritional needs met with the highest quality, bioavailable natural ingredients.
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S'paws family wellness

Relaxation & detoxifying services for pets and their “parents”. Creating a state of relaxation allows the body to begin the process of releasing toxins. Health is a state of ease, where the body is balanced and functioning at its best.
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Pasco Veterinary Medical

We help families create a lifestyle for their pets that will enable them to live the healthiest and longest life possible.Western medicine treats symptoms by naming it, blaming it and then taming it, but not addressing the root cause.
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Recognized By Industry Leaders As

“The Bioregulatory expert for Pets”

"Angel on earth who gives hope to pet owners."

Dr. Jessica Peatross, MD

"Impressed by her dedication and expertise."

Dr. James Odell, ND, OMD, L.Ac.

"Dr. Siegel deserves nationwide recognition"

Dr. Sharon Stills, ND

"the examples she shared with us are, were just stunning and the result was breathtaking."

Dr. Hennings Hope

"if you are a pet owner, she may be the one that you have been waiting for to ensure that your pets lead a beautiful."

Jana Danielson

"And that inspires me to bring that to my patience. That's what inspires me."

Dr. Mark Carney
Dr. Siegel is best known for integrating holistic treatment options with traditional veterinary medicine. Since beginning her career in 1987, she has relentlessly pursued the cause of dis-ease in animals and formulated treatment regimens that literally save lives. 
Bioregulatory medicine differs from allopathic medicine in that the root cause of the dis-ease is identified and ameliorated. Dr. Siegel has gained international recognition for her achievements in “biohacking” pet health. Her practice offers the widest array of integrative services in the world. 
Dr. Siegel gained international recognition for her practice methods after being featured on the Truth About Cancer Live Event in 2017. One year later, she launched EvoLove Raw – her proprietary raw pet food and supplements for dogs and cats. 
In addition to treating pets at her practice in Lutz, Florida, she offers online courses and consultations for veterinarians and pet parents. 
Dr. Siegel is an internationally recognized speaker, in clinic researcher and writer.
It’s not a stretch to say that Dr. Siegel has given her patients both quality of life and longevity using her skills as a bio regulatory practitioner. 
Dr. Siegel is committed to creating healthy lifestyles for animals and the people that love them. 
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